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new category "creative corner" please join in

new category "creative corner" please join in

Are you a budding artist, poet, photographer,author or knitter?

Susan has added a creative category.

please feel free to add samples to our creative corner, or visit and see what others have put.

I'm sure there are people on here with hidden talents.

(don't forget to click "creative corner" before you submit)

looking forward to seeing you there :D


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What a good idea but how do i find CREATIVE CORNER x


hi sandie, if you look to the right of this message, about halfway down it says "browse by category. just click on creative corner.

sandra :)


Hi Sandra

How do we upload a photograph please?



Hi Sally,

when you write a post, there is a box that says "image".

click on "choose file" and open your files, then select your photo.

when you click preview, your image should be there.



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