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Why is my lip twisting :/

Today I went to the dentist and they have me a choice to either take my teeth out give me a filling. I told them to give me a filling and after a half an hour I was done. The right side of my cheek was numb and so was the side of my lip a bit. Then by the time I started talking I noticed that my upper lip was twisting to the left and my bottom lip was twisting to the right. I did out ice on both my cheek and lip but is been 4 hours and my lip is still remaining to twist the other direction -.- I need help or tell me what is happening and when will my lip remain the way it was

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Go back to the dentist asap or to your GP - it is possible the local anaesthetic has affected the nerve.


Local Anaesthetic lasts for 4 hours normally, any longer than this you should get it checked.



Dear Fvck-Dvt (strange name???)

I wouldn't panic, too much, not for a few hours anyway.


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