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throat problem

I have Urticarial Vasculitis ,and although I have been free of symptoms for 22weeks now, I have for the last 6 weeks had a dry hot throat, I haven,t got or had a cold, but I keep losing my voice,and I don,t understand why it,s gone on for so long. I don,t feel ill so have done nothing about it , Has anyone else had this problem, and is it likely to be vasculitis related or something else I am not on any medication at the moment, any ideas would be welcome.

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Hi Jack,

As you know I have UV too. But I'm afraid I have no experience of anything like you describe.

If, as you say, you're in a good remission at the moment (congrats on that :-) ) I'd sugest that it probably isn't Vasculitis related. I'd have gone for a possible medication side effect but you say that you're not taking any at the moment so that's probably out too. But if you've recently stopped taking steroids and/or immunosuppressants then you may still be immunocompromised and so still susceptable to some sort of throat infection.

I think I'd go to your GP in the first instance making sure they are up to speed on your condition and situation. See what they say but also consider just checking it out with the consultant you normally see to treat the UV.

Hope this helps,



Thankyou Richard for the reply, I have since spoken to my Rhuemy who felt I shouldn,t leave it ,as it has been going on some weeks now, so he very kindly reffered me to an ENT appointment and also arranged a chest Xray and blood test just to make sure there is no throat infection that could triger a flare , so I,m pleased about that, 22 weeks is a long time for me just now, so was very gratefull that the appt s were dealt with direct, My GP hasn,t a clue about Vasculitis and it takes around 3 weeks to see him.Thankyou for your good wishes, will let you know what happens


Excellent, sounds like your Rheumy is on the ball. All the best for your ENT appointment and do let us know how you get on.


I have always found her very helpful with Dr Jayne normally responding to any question I have within a couple of days. Good Luck

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