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we have been given more info at work on how the changes to the appeals process will take effect. The idea is that the decision maker will contact the claimant to tell them of their decision and ask if they have any further evidence or information which may influence the decision it can be considered at this time. There is supposed to be a 28 days limit on dealing with and make decisions. The idea being that all relevant info is provided to the decision maker so a proper decision can be made. atos have been told to make fuller and more accurate assessments watch this space

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  • Sorry, what is esa?. I have just applied for PIP but I don't see me getting much help. I filled in the forms myself, and put all the information and copies of letters from my consultant about my MPA. But the process seems to be quite frightening. The lady on the phone yesterday from Dept Work and Pensions said they had received it and the next step is a board assessment. Just got to wait to see what comes back.

  • Hi Lady C esa is employment support allowance which is for people signed off as unfit for work by a gp and who do not get sick pay from an employer . If you go on the web site you can get more info. Hope this healps

  • I have just been turned down for the secend time I give up

  • I am really sorry Its one of the reasons I am still struggling on at work because I hear on a daily basis of the hassle people go through

  • This is a very helpful website it costs just under £20 per year to join. . The guidelines for claiming benefits, going through appeals and tribunals have been so very valuable to so many people who have Vasculitis.

    Vasculitis UK are members of benefits and work as a charity and can share certain information and guidelines free of charge if anyone would like to contact VUK.

    These are 2 links for the November 2013 newsletter and the October 2013 newsletter for Benefits and Work

    Hope this helps

    Best wishes


  • Thanks to this site and keeping letters from appointments etc. really helped me to get through. You need to give as much information as possible. When they give you a little box to write in does not mean that is all you are allowed to write, type additional information on further paper, cross reference your answers. The £20.00 is worth every penny. It takes a long time but am sure it is easier than going through it again and again. Every page or piece of paper that is not on the form place your national Insurance Number on it plus your name and address (name & address labels).

  • hi susan that is very usefull information I will look into that tomorrow because at the mo I am tired regards cedric

  • Dear All,

    I have read, with considerable interest, the comments, and replies, above. I had an 'assessment', about six weeks ago. I attend Headway-The brain Injury Charity, I have done for many years-and the manager came with me, as did my mother- who is also my primary carer. The assessor started off in rather 'officious' terms, until that is, she consulted her computer and found herself 'locked out', of my case files. We all supplied a lot of the missing information to her- at this point her whole attitude changed. By the end she couldn't have been more supportive!

    My advice is therefore, from my experience anyway, the more evidence, and 'people', you can have supporting your case the more chance of success. I have now been moved onto the 'Support Group', by the way.

    If I can be any more help to anyone please do contact me, through the 'forum'.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you for all your replies. I will let you know how I get on.

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