Patient Views on the Regulation of Medicines – How should we weigh the risks and benefits? And who should do so?

Get your voice heard!

As part of a European research study, Genetic Alliance UK and researchers at the University of South Wales want to understand how patients perceive the risks and benefits of medicines. The work is important to ensure that patient views are valued in the regulation of new medicines.

If you are 18 or older, and you are a patient or a carer, you can help us by completing a short online survey. The survey includes questions about your experience with medicines, your view of the risks and benefits associated with medicines, and how you think medicines should be regulated.

The survey is available in several different languages. To complete the survey now please click on/go to one of the link below:

Your individual answers will be confidential, and you will remain anonymous (we do not ask you for your name). We will share the overall survey findings with other patient groups and relevant decision makers, such as regulators.

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