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Dermatologists and vasculitis

The Dermatologists at the hospital I attend have told me that - although a skin biopsy shows I have vasculitis - I don't have vasculitis. I am confused. They had told me I had lymphocytic vasculitis - but now it's not...

I'm seeing a rheumatologist at the end of next month thank goodness, because - whatever the dermatologists say - I'm still getting episodes of spots and severe itching, joint pain and extreme tiredness.

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I'm afraid dermatologists often only look at the skin problem and fail to look for the underlying cause. A good rheumatologist should look at all the signs and symptoms. Skin rashes can be a localised problem but can also be an outward sign of various diseases affecting the whole body - systemic diseases. This is the case inmany types of vasculitis.


I was hoping to get a better result from them... two consultants, two senior registrars and a junior doctor all in the same room ... But all you say is true. I know I'm seeing a good rheumatologist and will be glad when I do. My appointment at Nottingham - 30th October - can't come soon enough!!!


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