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Health Unlocked platform changes tomorrow (9th of July)

Hi everyone,

As has already been mentioned, HealthUnlocked will be down tomorrow (the 9th of July) sometime after 9am until around 1pm. But please bear with us if the site isn't back up on time.

There's a video explaining some of the changes on YouTube here :

As you can see this is a fairly major change to the way Health Unlocked works.Please let us know if you have any problems or questions following the change tomorrow.




Here's a summary of some of the changes (note that all these features may not appear immediately) :

Communities will be able to have more prominent branding for their charity

The “About Us” section will also be more prominent (and have a “Donate” button)

“Blogs” will be referred to as “Posts”

The admins will be able to define “categories” for posts

It will be possible to filter posts by category

It will be possible to “pin” important posts

Posts will be able to have bigger pictures than at present

Tags will be automatically generated

There will be a new “Recommended” flag for responses (a FB “like”)

Tables will be available showing :

Recently joined members

Top posting members

Top responding members

The Admin section will be improved and include :

Basic stats for members and posts

The ability to amend and add badges

Control who can post in what category

Restrict user access

Analytics for members and content

It will be possible to amend user profiles to include :




Health interests

Options will be available to follow, report or block users

Admins will be able to “close” down a thread without actually deleting it

3 Replies

I'm really missing being able to search through the Tags. How do I find them?


I have't worked that out yet either.

I preferred choosing my own, but it may change again.


I think it worked better choosing our own...I have not found them either :-(


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