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Itching and tingling

I almost knew that I'd get 'the itchies' because yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep...

What I did not know was that I would suddenly be woken up at 1am by severe itching accompanied by tingling...

OK - It's just my (right) thumb that had that white throbbing area, and there was itching in the crook of my right elbow, and both areas were hot. It's just that I've not had the tingling travelling up my arm like that before. My lips and inside my mouth feel/felt tingly too. I thought I was having a migraine at the same time. It all certainly worried me and I was awake until gone 4am - a bit panicky and with the start of an angina attack 'rumbling' in the background and general itching with no skin reactions in other areas of my body.

What I'm asking is whether I should be concerned. I'm going for a 24 hour BP monitor today so I'm sure that 'the itchies' will be raising my BP.which is already too high at about 170/78.

Sorry if I'm asking what appear to be daft, minor questions but I've not yet been diagnosed with any specific vascultis - just a skin biopsy general diagnosis of vasculitis. I'll be glad when I get a specific label. I can cope with the known but I fear the unknown.

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Itching and tingling can, I think, be related to the vasculitis having an impact on the nerves in those places - vasculitis adversely affecting the blood flow to the nerves.

Itching on the lips and mouth sounds like a food allergy to me, though.

If you've have a skin biopsy showing vasculitis, that would indicate the skin is a target organ I think, so itching would be a natural follow-on.

You can get a pain response or stress response from the itchies and that could raise your BP.

Are you getting any treatment for vasculitis?

Hope you feel better soon!



I think maybe I just stressed myself ... It was between 1am and 4am. The mind can think the worst thought at that time of day ;-)

I had the skin biopsy to confirm that I had bullous phemigoid - but got the diagnosis of vasculitis instead... I have an appointment at Haematology this Friday. No treatment for the vasculitis - just antihistamine for 'the itchies' - so far ;-)


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