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WWW final prayers

WWW final prayers

So last night I spent the night with my leg elevated to relieve the swelling that arrived at a most inconvenient time. I'm happy to report some improvement today and only a slight limp.

All the preparations are now complete, all that remains to do now is get out there and do it. I'm nervous (vasculitis teaches you that we're not limitless) and anticipative;but focused and determined to do this.

On the train to London now for a day working in the capital which will be a good distraction!

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Wow, hope that continues to go down. Have the Dr's told you to up your pred dose?

Even I'm starting to feel nervous about the WWW now and I'm in relatively good shape.


No idea; had to re-tie my laces several times today. I don't think I want to look again until tomorrow night to be honest.

Rest well, see you tomorrw mornign Chris.


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