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Blood donor???

Hiya....I wanted to know if anyone has tried giving blood given and its been accepted considering our medical diagnosis? As we are all on long term meds? I haven't actually asked but assume we cannot....thanks! So only thing I've done is remind everyone I know to do so if they are able to.

After being hospitalised and in a coma needing transfusions I've realised how important blood donation Is...and that person as good as saved my life so if I can I want to return that good deed.

I saw my consultants yesterday....totally forgot to ask amongst other things!

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Not sure about this. Would love to donate too.


Hi, I was a regular blood donor but I was told that I wouldn't be able to donate anymore. I used to get letters when I was due to go but haven't from them sign diagnosis two years agoso I assume they have been told that I'm 'blacklisted' so to speak :-(


This is something I have also wondered about. I have been a blood donor since I was 18 until vasculitis came along two years ago. I suppose there must be a lot of dependencies such as what meds you are on. If you are on cyclo and/or high doses of pred (ie not yet in remission) then that must be a no but maybe if you are just on maintenance drugs then it might be possible. I know that most donations are used to make various blood products rather than used as whole blood. That being the case it may be possible to discard the white cells and use the rest. The best way to find out is to contact your local blood donor service I suppose



John was told no. John gave blood for years but as soon as he was diagnosed with WG he was told he could not donate blood anymore :-(



I was told no too. Not now, not ever and in this rather sad day age of litigation culture it's not hard to see why irrespective of no evidence of Vasculitis being transmissible ??

Here's something to brighten your day instead

Healthy wishes


I would be concerned about giving blood as one of the thoughts of how I got HUVs was through blood would be interesting to hear a professional view.



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