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My nose feels persistently numb

Hi there,

My nose has changed shape over the past 4-5 months to becoming more saddled-shaped. There is a new dip/depression at the end of my dorsum before it rises to a pronounced tip. My left nasal side wall looks more collapsed when direct light shines on it and you can see a groove that was never there before.

My nostril shape looks and size about the same but only the dorsum and side wall is affected.

My nose has also been persistently numb for 3 years, it aches around the bridge and dorsum. I told my doctor about it and she doesn't think it is anything, and brushed off my concern.

There is no discharge, no runny nose, no crusting, no bleeding.

There is no cauliflower ear or ear cartilage affected.

Ive experienced a body rash twice over the past 6 months , not sure if that's a separate thing.

Does anybody know what this might be? Whether this might be an infection, a sympton of a disease/ condition/ etc. Is this some form of Vasculitis?

If it was an infection, would there be crusting and bleeding? How would you know if it was an infection?

How long does a nose take to collapse if it was cartilage deterioration?

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Hi Brian, I couldn't decide from this if you have been diagnosed with vasculitis or not. The nose destruction you describe is exactly how mine was when I was first diagnosed with Wegners (GPA), I did have bleeding, crusting and sores inside my nose as well though. My septum was almost completely destroyed so that there is nothing separating my nostrils inside my nose apart from about a centimetre at the tip, which is luckily the end people can see! The total destruction took 3-4 months from my first symptoms. Obviously none of us who volunteer on this site are doctors, we are mostly patients with vasculitis, I think it is worth asking your doctor for a referral to ENT to look at your nose and consider a diagnosis taking into account your body rash also as this is often associated with vasculitis.

Hope this helps.



Hi Lisa, Thanks for your reply.

May I ask whether your ear cartilage were affected in the initial set of symptons or was it just the nose?

I've read how ear and nose are affected at the same time on a lot of medical websites. My ears don't seem in any unusual shape but I'll make an appointment with the GP tommorow.

Thank again.



correction *was not were :)


Hi Brian, I don't think my ear cartilage was affected at all but I did have a lot of inner ear problems and am deaf in my right ear, now use a hearing aid.

Good luck at the GP.


My nose has a hole in it and ent said it is from my wg but I have had poplys on throat removed and very hoarse and I read wg can cause he says no. I am changing Drs as of may.


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