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Teapigs Matcha


Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well ('ish') ;-) on this sunny morning :-)

I have been reading about the benefits of drinking green tea, i'm not hoping for a cure or anything but every little bit helps :-)

Anyway, I have purchased Teapigs Matcha green tea. In my opinion it isn't as grim as other green teas, it comes as a powder and you can mix half a teaspoon with water, milk, apple juice or make smoothies, pour on cereal etc. Basically when you drink green tea, its like boiling spinach and drinking the water and leaving all the spinach leaves which hold all the nutrients. This is the powder which is all the good stuff ground up and you just have half a teaspoon of it, it's not cheap at £25 but I found a code online to get 20% off and to be honest, I will try anything to feel better. I have noticed my energy levels increasing after having it, here are some of the benefits of drinking Matcha:

Improves learning performance

Supports immune system

Promotes concentration.

Healthy skin

May help weight loss

Teapigs contains 137 more antioxidants than regular green tea and half a teaspoon is equivalent to 15 cups :-)

You can read more here:


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Hi Lucy

I'm not a tea drinker - I've never liked it since I was a little girl (not yesterday). Someone suggested I try green tea because of all the good things it does for you.

Oh my goodnight. I have never tasted anything as awful in my life. Maybe I will give this tea of yours a try.


Hee hee, I am the same PatriciaAnn, the only green tea I could ever stomach was Clipper green tea and now this. The good thing about this one is that you don't need to drink endless cups every day to get the benefits as half a teaspoon is the same as 15 cups. I normally mix mine with a little bit of apple juice, sounds grim but it actually is quite nice :-)


I don't have Vasculitis but after reading your blog I decided to try it (never tasted it before) so had two cups with my lunch today. :-) So now I will try the Teapigs Matcha :-)

all the best


Great! Let me know how you get on with it :-)


Thanks for this will look into it.I drink green tea with lemon but its just the kind you get from your, local supermarket. thank you ,regards Diane

You're welcome :-) I only ever really could stomach the Clipper green tea but I read about the benefits of Matcha and thought it was worth a go. Let me know how you get on if you decide to try it :-)


Going to get some now as my daughter keeps making me drink the 'teabag' type. I did look into it as already drink Teapigs but saw expensive so held off.....on your recommendation will buy some now. Thanks

Lucylucciano in reply to HappyV

I love Teapigs! The tea is so smooth, can't believe I am getting excited about tea but this stuff is lovely. I hope you get on well with the Matcha, I like it as I just need to have it once a day and get the benefits that you would drinking 15 cups. If you haven't already bought it, I have put a code underneath which I found on Living Social where you can buy it for £18 x

Found this if anyone is interested in buying it, it's £25 on the website, I used a code and got it for £20 but this one is only £18 :-)


Ah thanks for that but I have already had it delivered! I found a code ILOVETEA and tried it, got it for £20 and then postage on top but it arrived today so shall try with some apple jiuce tomorrrow.........I will let you know!!!

By coincidence I was told about this last week and decided to try it. I detest green tea cannot drink it, but I can drink this as a latte, it is nice. Had it today as a normal tea and it was drinkable but not that nice so think I will stay to having it as a latte. Says it has lots of benefits so will wait and see.

Lucylucciano in reply to JackieT

I'm the same, I don't particularly enjoy green tea but this one is pretty ok in certain drinks. Haven't tried it as a latte yet but think I will give it a go tomorrow :-)

Hi Lucy, you've done such a great job at "selling" this that livingsocial site has run out; I shall try to find it somewhere else.

Ha ha, I don't work for them I promise ;-) You can often find codes online to get it a bit cheaper than the selling price on Teapigs website, I hope you manage to get some :-)

Anything to increase my energy levels especially after this week with the vertigo. You mention mixing it in apple juice, not a great lover of it what's it like with O.J. or is that a no-no?

It's not bad in OJ actually, you can taste it but it's not unpleasant in my opinion. Basically you can mix it with anything! I sometimes have it with a small amount of hot water which I leave to cool. I don't have too much so I can knock it back in one go! It looks awful in the glass of water, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's lovely with water but it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought and I have had it quite a few times now. They even say in the leaflet you can put it on cereal but I think that might just be a little bit much for me! It's only a small amount you are having every day so it is definitely manageable. I do feel like I have an energy boost when I have it, I have it with my morning meds now so it just feels like one of those :-) I hope you are feeling better soon with the vertigo x

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