Hello all, I was diagnosed last year at age 63, with adult onset asthma. It has been quite a journey and some very scary times. My asthma or wheezing generally starts at night. It wakes me and is difficult to get my air. I am on two inhalers for long term management and one emergency inhaler. I also use a nebulizer when necessary.

I was wondering if there are any who have an emergency kit individualized for your personal needs, ie, emergency inhalers, nebulizer, etc. I keep Benadryl, I also have a histamine release before the attack actually starts.

Thank you in advance!

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  • Strong coffee is good .

  • Do you drink coffee to decrease the wheezing?

  • I do and , of course, in the morning. It seems to ope me up. I have had asthma all my life, 66 years. I have tried everything. Now on pro air, advair, and singulair.

  • I am on Incruse, Breo and ventolin. I also take nebulizer albuterol as needed. It's just hard to control!

  • I think the biggest thing you need is to carry around your quick-relief ("rescue") inhaler everywhere you go, should symptoms emerge. And then also have a cellphone for 911. You can look into buying a portable nebulizer as well, they are designed for travel.

  • Hi Gary do you need a prescription for a portable nebulizer?

  • Thanks, Gary! I had an acute exacerbation this weekend and ended up in an emergent care clinic. I was given an injection of 80mg Medrol and sent home on 40 mg Prednisone for 5 days then 20mg for 5 days.

    I'm so new to this I just don't know what to expect and when to do what. I'm not sure of my triggers but know stress is a big one.

    Does anyone keep a steroid pack available for an emergency or use an epipen? I'm just trying to get this all figured out!

    Thank you!

  • Take care of yourself, and work with a primary care doc or allergist to find out your triggers. Stress is one of the more underreported asthma triggers, in my opinion.

    As for epi, it's not considered a treatment for asthma anymore. A quick-relief inhaler or nebulizer is usually recommended as treatment, but talk with your doctor first.

  • Hi kdr112 does the prednisone make your chest feel like heart palpitations ? Just feels weird to me it's scary. It makes me anxieties .

  • Gary, I do believe the last exacerbation I had was due to stress! Thank you so much for your advice and your support. With each attack I feel better prepared for the next one.

    I have my quick inhaler with me at all time!


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