Adult onset severe asthma

Hi, I am an adult onset asthmatic (47 now) with allergies. I have several kinds of asthma, diagnosed early 2016 at age 46 at the peak of my physical health, or so I thought, I am now in the severe category. I traded in the gym for a bag , er, box , er closet of medication. I am embracing holistic approaches as well and struggling to keep working and get off prednisone.

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  • Hi, I'm 56 years old diagnosed with asthma in 2016 almost a year ago. As a result of asthma I now have panic attacks . Which almost have same symptoms of asthma. I am now on short term disability. I have missed so much work been to er 5 times. And 1 week in hospital 2-25-17 . Now on disability for 6 months. I have a new pulmonary dr. He's great he's been doing a lot of testing. I'm allergic to my cats and dogs 😢

  • I'm sorry nanie1. The panic is easy to have when you have a bad one. I have several varieties of attacks. The "bad ones" scare the mess out of me. I did avoid the ED twice last week. I used some tricks the paramedics and speech therapist showed me. Of course I've never had my sats drop low for long, my co2 creeps up though. I hope you weren't intubated or anything. If that ever happens I know I'll have the same double whammie.

  • No I wasn't intubated, but my doctor wants to send to do one .

  • I am 64 and diagnosed last year. Never smoked. I'm on two inhalers for long term control and one for emergency help. Mine is difficult to control and also requires prednisone. I am interested in what holistic approaches you have tried. I'll try anything to get better control!

  • I adopted the Autoimmune diet and try to eat raw at least two meals a day and morphed to the Wahls protocol. I'm eating somewhere between the two. Very strict but soooooo many less triggers per day. I'm on like day 45? I should see steady improvement by 3 and 6 months. I have allergic asthma and as well as nocturnal, exercise induced and chemical/irritant induced. I haven't lost any weight due to my prednisone but it's the healthiest you will ever ever eat. I also reduced chemicals to my skin and clothes and environment.

    Search: AIP

    Terry Wahls

    Phoenix helix

    Pazeo aip

    Good luck my friend!

  • I'd like more information on your diet please. My asthma is very similar

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