Hello, my insurance keeps changing my inhaler, so currently using proventil hfa. The problem is I got spoiled using inhalers that kept a dosage count for me so I always knew when they were empty.

It's a silly question but how do I know with this one? Does it just stop spraying? Or does the medicine get used op but the pump keeps dispensing aerosol?

Thanks for your help. Wishing everything breath!


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  • I would do some test sprays in the air then u know still works. Sometimes hard to know if ur getting a spray sorry to hear to counter. Also shake the inhaler may be able to tell that way take care and good luck

  • Thank you for your reply. The issue is that I know it sprays SOMETHING, I'm just not sure if that something includes the medicine or if it's just the aerosol propellant...

  • When an inhaler is completely empty it will not spray at . Its hard to tell when its almost empty though. You can ask your pharmacist to give you the inhaler with the counter. Usually when your inhaler changes its because the pharmacy happens to have that one in stock, and your doctor just ordered albuterol not a name brand. Insurance usually covers any brand of albuterol because the patent is up and they are all about the same price.

    Try to figure out how often you usually use your inhaler per day, then figure out how long 200 puffs would last you. That way you can get on a regular schedule to have your prescription refilled.

    Good Luck, Colleen

  • Thank you!

  • Ps. I am on Medicare and they HAVE changed the specific scripts numerous times.

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