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Understanding Clinical Trials
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Clinical Trial Awareness Checklist

Want to learn more about clinical trials? We've put together a short checklist to help you do so!

1. Watch ‘The Impact Clinical Trials Have on All of Us’ video and share your thoughts -

2. Share this video on your social media!

3. Take a photo of something that makes you grateful and post it on the community.

4. Ask your doctor about clinical trials and how they consider patients for trials.

5. Did you know? 95% of volunteers would consider participating in another trial. Take a look through our Education Center and find out something you didn’t know - ciscrp.org/education-center/

6. Tell somebody what you have learned...a friend, family member or someone on the community.

7. Have a chat about clinical trials with one of your friends and see what their thoughts are.

8. Post a question about clinical trials on the community.

9. Sign up to one of our Aware for All events - ciscrp.org/events/

Share your progress by commenting on this post!

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Love this video! Has anyone done any of these suggestions on the checklist? Would love to hear back from our community members.


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