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Hi My partner has stage 4 ckd he keeps swelling up and feels unwell everyday,it is a very worrying and scary time we are due to go on a 2 week cruise tomorrow,we went to see his specialist on wednesday and he said go enjoy your hol and see him in january,but today he not well his face and stomach swollen any welcomed advice i would be grateful.A very worried diane,

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I think the final decision would be your nephrologist rather than people like us who can't really give you a cleat answer to whether you should go your cruise especially if your husband bless him not keeping too well. Personally I would contact your doctor at the hospital your husband attends and put your concerns to them with regards to how your hubby is feeling. Some people who are pre Dialyses don't really experience fluid retention, everyone is different.. I suffered from CKD and suppose I was one of the lucky ones not to experience this discomfort with swelling. I'm now post kidney transplant 11 months on, yes had my ups and down with regards to med reaction, however not life threatening, however your husband is in a different position,and if I was you I would call the hospital to speak to a renal doctor and put your concerns to them again rather than go away and your husband doesn't keep well.. That's just my humble opinion . I sincerely hope it all works out for you both.. Take Care


If your consultant has said to enjoy the holiday, then you are probably ok to go; however, they don't know how your partner feels. I know that I get a bit jittery when I have to go away, particularly if it is abroad and I have a working transplant. What advice was your partner given before leaving? Should he restrict his fluid intake, is he on any medication? If you are really unhappy about going, get a second opinion, even another doctor in the same hospital. Sometimes we have to be tenacious when we want answers. Good luck.