Louder Than Bombs

Louder Than Bombs

I’ve been quite busy this week, apart from reading the report on the NHS proposals from the Future Forum, I’ve been out and about up to allsorts. First of all there was the Godiva festival, despite no other ticcers turning up, I went with my brother and sister-in-law and finally got to see my friend Errol’s band Kifaru, each time he’s had a gig, something’s happened preventing us from going. I also got to see The Selector (minus Pauline Black) but, still they were excellent, lots of middle aged men bouncing up and down to ska! So here’s a bit of Kifaru -

I was in Birmingham yesterday seeing my HRT therapist, due to a slip up last week – i.e. forgetting to take my venlaflaxine, I turned in to a blubbering wreak, crying, agitated, nauseous, dizzy, blah, blah…I’ve well and truly learnt a lesson there, however, on Monday I realised I was nearly out of venlaflaxine so called the chemist to get some more, it should be there by Wednesday, fair enough. Whilst I was in Brum I sent my other half to the chemist – not in yet, ok I’ll go back tomorrow, I’ve just returned, the prescription was returned as it was wrong, it said 70mg rather than 150mg, luckily he let me have 2 to see me through until tomorrow when I’m back.

Today, the peak of my activity, I’m off to Oxford later to give a talk on the NHS reforms and campaigning, I’m somewhat nervous, before I started to write this (typing helps to quash the tics…..a bit) I was a bit of a ticcing mess, I have a new vocal tic, I think my TS is honouring my friend Tourette’s Hero by adapting it’s own rodent related tic, so it’s gerbils all the way, there’s gerbils having sex “GERBIL SEX” there’s fornicating gerbils “F%^&*^%G GERBILS” and there’s also plain gerbils. That’s not ready salted gerbils. So of I go now to mentally prepare myself for the ordeal ahead of me.

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  • Despite the gerbil sex, I thought it was a really good and informative talk, everybody really seemed to enjoy it, and it was nice to meet you at last. I hope we can work together in the future.

  • Here's a cute gerbil, now after watching this I've caught Roland Rat's laugh, "yeah heheha" .

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