Does god have any part in our lives?

Does god have any part in our lives?

God is seen as all mighty and powerful but if he is then why is there suffering and injustice in the world? Really ask yourself.. I don't believe in god, I am athist but I do believe in heaven and hell.. Where hell is forthe bad people who inflick pain and suffereing on others.. Where heaven is for the good people who do good deeds and put others before them selves.. I have learnt this from R.E lessons so boring... :( My point is that what every ethic or religion should that have an affect on how we see the world or from the beliefs of god???

Tell me what you think as indivuals..

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  • I enjoy a good theological discussion, I was brought up Catholic and went to a Catholic scholl, my mother was very old school, in the fact that she would believe things without question, however we had an excellent RE teacher who we all remember fondly and we would have a good theological disscussion with him disscussing various aspects of the Catholic faith and encouraged us to go away and think about these things. Different belief systems are fasinating. I would define myself as being agnostic at the moment (that's undecieded) verging on the atheiest, but being brought up Catholic tends to be pretty ingrained in your psyche. I would describe myself as being quite a moral person though. ( I think that does come from the Catholicism though)

  • Yeah me to I enjoy a good theological discussion! You can debate a lot on different view and options from others and ourselves. But theres no right or wrong answers, the answers what are given upon a question are people personal options so we should always respect theirs and therefore they respect ours. As you say that 'different belief systems are fasinating' they are because to me beliefs are like stories been passed down to generation to generation, how you were saying mom was old school well maybe your grandma, your mother's mother was old school. My point is that beliefs are contiuously being discovered. For example the bible is based on stories, teaching and beliefs but all those ways of telling people how to follow in the foot steps of god or jesus are based from the beliefs of god like the ten commandments. The ten commandments are beliefs or teaching that were or have been followed by many people over the years. what do you think catherine?

  • When I said that my mum was old school what I meant was that she wasn't encouraged to question any of the RC teachings. I always enjoy talking to other people about their faith and customs I ad a work collegue who was a devout muslim, his faith was fasinating as there are so many mis-conceptions about Islam.

  • Here's a bit of Catholic humour -

  • As s Jew, i believe in a G-d that cannot create anything imperfect. Therefore, those of us with disabilities were created perfectly in our imperfections in his image.

  • When I am reading this statement 'those of us with disabilities were created perfectly in our imperfections in his image', being antheist I think that you have a point because myself being apart of the tourettes community everyone is equal meaing that men and women are as equals should never disrespect one another.

  • Well, I believe the 10 commandments were given to Moses by G-d. I also believe that the Bible was given by G-d to the Hebrews and is not a bunch of stories. Even though you may be an atheist you need to respect my beliefs.

  • Don't get me wrong, I respect your beliefs. I did not mean any offence to you

  • I, like Catherine, was brought up Catholic and also attended Catholic school. I no longer follow any organized religion. My Granny died of cancer when I was 12 and the following four years I was tortured and nearly killed by my 'peers' just for being different. I found myself questioning religion a lot because I wondered if there really was this 'all loving' God then why would he let people suffer so much. It's my choice to be like this though and I say if people find comfort in religion, then that's great. It's just not for me.

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