Running into bathroom doors

Yes, as the title suggests, this is what my Tourettes has decided to throw at me (or should that be throw me at?). It's not just the bathroom door, the urge is there for all doors but thankfully most of the doors downstairs in the communal part of the house are left open. The helmet doesn't help much as it is only designed to protect from rugby impact. I still dread to think how much worse it would be without it though!

As my TS usually does, it has found a way to render the helmet useless. Again being a rugby helmet, it has a large open part on the top. Of course my TS now aims for that spot to whack into the door, floor or whatever other furniture may be in my generalised area! IT HURTS!!! It's been acting weird lately too, leaving me tic free for several hours (well I think the little ones are still there) then throwing me into a massive tic convulsion which can last up to an hour. Thankfully the last one only lasted 20 minutes, but it made me realise I really want to paint something on the ceiling. There is only so much you can look at on a plain white ceiling... It's not even got those sticky outy swirly patterns! I might get one of those light projectors to put on when I am lying on the floor. I fall so hard one of the staff usually hears the bang so they come up and they could help me switch it on!

I went to the doctor who has referred me to an occupational therapist. Only God knows when the appointment will be, but since moving to Bedford, I have noticed things happen a lot faster around here than in weary Wyboston. Even Milton Keynes was slow by Bedford's standard! The plan is to make me a fitted helmet that will take all the blows from my hand punching and head bashing. Okay so it won't be too pretty but frankly I would prefer to look a bit weird than have concussion every single day (I know someone who DOESN'T wear a helmet and gets concussion from her TS). I'm no longer really bothered what people think of me. If they want to believe I am weird/freaky etc. than they are not worth knowing. The trouble is I think my Dad might come into the group who don't like their daughter being 'different'. I'll just have to crack my head open if I go to stay with him!

It is my birthday on the 1st July and I have asked Mum to get me series 7 and 8 of Monk. Dad was the one who got me into Monk after he pointed out the similarities between me and the main character! Blooming cheek, but I can see why he thinks that. Before Fluoxetine I had 125 phobias (I actually counted...), Monk has over 300 (he beat me there), I have lots of 'quirks' which are mostly to do with my autism and although Monk is never diagnosed as autistic he certainly has traits. Dad is getting me a new memory card for my digital camera because the old one snapped inside my camera! The nice lady at Jessops helped get it out and pointed out that it was completely and totally b-worded... (The one that sounds similar to bullock) Thankfully there is a new one on Amazon for 9 quid so I think my Dad can stretch his tight budget (his fault!) to pay for it.

anyway I will probably write again between now and my birthday. I have not been on much lately, mainly because I am actually doing stuff now! I even enjoy doing my morning chores because it gets me off my butt for an extra 20 minutes and housework can make you lose weight! I am much happier now but a bit itchy because someone brought super infectious scabies into our house :( I have had my first dose of cream and by next Tuesday we should be mite free fingers crossed, but stay away from my house!

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  • I'm glad you're back and settling in, but when I develop a new tic I always ask myself "how long will I have this going on for?" and sometimes ones that could be disastrous leave quite quickly. For your Dad's benefit you could temporarily convert to Islam and cover your head or just wear a hat. Luckily my Dad is really laid back and doesn't care, he sees my cop as an excuse to let some expetives out, it's my mother who will do all the scowling. You probably haven't got the dreaded scabies, unless you've been in close contact with the person or used the same towels, bed linen etc. An old flat mate aquired it whilst he worked at an old people's home. It was a pain as we didn't have a washing machine or central heating and it was November, we had to go out and buy extra bed linen and towels and the house was full of wet sheets and towels.:( Horrible.

  • I don't think I have got the scabies but we all have to be treated unfortunately as a precaution :( I think my Dad would probably freak out even more if I turned up in a veil (I do have some!) than a helmet! He just needs to get over it :P

  • Me and my girlfriend had that the year before last and it's still a mystery to us how we got it! None of our friends caught it either...we just had an extremely itchy, extremely annoying, localised case of scabies!

  • Hi Lucy! xxx

    i haven't got a helmet and the concussions have landed me in hospital lol, can you recommend any good ones? my mum is a truly lovely person, but she can't get past the TS, she sees it as 'something wrong' with me to be treated by docs and not a part of who i am. also with the possibility of Aspi (got 47/50 on the test) i am really not that good explaining it :( my heart and feelings are with you xxx

  • The one I have at the moment is a rugby helmet, it helps a little. In order to get a proper protective one you need to see an occupational therapist who can fit one for you if they think you need one. I also got 47 on the test and I am diagnosed!

  • got my psych assessment on friday, gonna try for a Dx, will be amazed if the doc actually does anything.

  • I got 10 on the test, I feel a bit excluded :(

  • I have no idea if I've even had the test so I'll join the excluded club so as you don't feel as excluded :P

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