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Calm time! Finally!

Tics still haven't returned to the level they were a fortnight ago, this is the first calm time I've had in a couple of months! It's a really nice rest to be honest - still got my base level tics going on but they aren't massively violent or of meltdown-level proportions.

Really hoping bits of my body hurry up and recover while it's calm, the tendons in my wrists are giving me a lot of pain still at the moment (so no bass guitar for me which sucks), my left foot is really hurting from the foot dragging, scrunching up and kicking and i've got the usual back and neck pains...not to mention all the other aches and things.

My sleep is still odd though - for some reason no matter what time I go to bed, I'm still waking up at about 6 (this started during the aripiprazole) and finding it impossible to get back to sleep again. Haven't worked out what is waking me, if anything, so no idea on how to stop it!

Hoping that things stay fairly calm through my house-move and job-move this week (fingers crossed) and if not...well I guess there's always diazepam. (ick ick ick)

Trying to work out when the best time to start the clonidine is - the doctor has put the prescription ready for me at the surgery, but I'm a bit scared about starting my new job while on it...sounds stupid I know because it's likely to inflame things a bit. But again...fingers crossed. At this rate with all these crossed fingers I'm gonna need more hands...anyone got some to spare...need some new tendons while you're at it... :P

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See, I told you to hang on in there. As with waking up at 6am, that's often a sign of depression, I've been doing it since I was at school! Waking early then not being able to get back to sleep until it's time to get up! However, whilst I was on Aripiprozole, I did wake EVERY night at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep as well as around 5-6am. Around this time my neighbour's boyfriend moved in (a big chap) the walls are thin and our bathrooms are con-joined, to try and combat me sleeplessness he tip-toed around when he got up and didn't flush the loo, however I still woke up at 3am and 5-6am, even at the weekend. (He got up at around 5.45am) No-body in my close had a shift pattern that matched my waking-up - the Aripiprozole was blamed for the 3am waking.


I spoke too soon :/

Bus journey home from work was crowded and got quite bad, ended up really hurting the tendons at the back of my feet with that stupid drop and jump tic followed by a burst of running. Argh!

Could be worse though, I managed to get to a friends house that is sort of like a safe zone for me and calmed down then got a lift home.


Crowed places are a major trigger for me too, it's just one of those things I accept and just go with the rough and the smooth that TS deals me. You can't stay home all the time.


I always have gone for "I have tourettes, but it doesn't have me" full stop. Doesn't seem like theres anything that can be done on nights like that. If things are getting bad to injury level though I usually remove myself from the situation as quickly as possible, I've got 2 escape points on my way to work that I've arranged with friends and their families so if it is really bad I can drop off the bus and go there until it calms down.

Still at work today, so I consider that my middle finger up to my brain as I'm carrying on! Bloody diazepam hangover makes work fun though... :P


Escape points, that sounds good, I wish there was one in the middle of New St Station, lol!


That place is a hellhole...the underground bit right? Eugh!!


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