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Lust for Life

Lust for Life

I’m feeling very up, I have a renewed lust for life and things are feeling pretty rosy despite my prescription for Risperidone from my psychiatrist not yet arriving. I’m starting to get back into the swing of using my competing responses for my tics and hair pulling, my other half actually woke me up last night to ask me how my “aversion therapy” was going, in fact he’s been quite nice the last few days! It’s been quite interesting though, we had an in-depth talk about our relationship, he agreed with me that we just seem to be tied together by our lack of money and that it must be hard for me the way things are at the moment so we’ve agreed to have an open relationship, I know some people wouldn’t agree, but hey, we’re living in a post feminist society and “I’m a woman in her prime who needs love squeezings” and being in a celibate relationship is tough going, so I’m on the look out for a friend with benefits, so if you know any cute guys who possess these attributes let me know. I did actually spot a rather cute guy on Saturday, well two really, but the first was driving the bus into Coventry, so if you know a cute guy who looks like Bret from Flight of the Conchords , give him my number!

Back to the hunt for a friend with benefits, I am quite choosy and have learnt from previous mistakes, so again if you know a suitable candidate let me know.

•Doesn’t mind being seen in public with a ticcer, preferably somebody who will understand and accept my TS, but definitely not a ticcer fetishist.

•Under 6 feet tall, I’m only 5 foot 2 inches.

•Dark hair.


•Have a job!

•It’s hard really to put my finger on it; I suppose I wouldn’t know until I met him.

•A high standard of personal hygiene.

•Intelligent. I would like somebody who would be at least as intelligent as me.

•Preferably vegetarian

Well, I am a bit rusty; I have been out of this dating lark for over 10 years. Hopefully I’ll be back on my soapbox tomorrow.

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oh yes, I forgot to say I love cats.


I've had that song stuck in my head most of the day, nice to come on hear and see it too!

I haven't come across ticcer fetishists but that's a worrying thought. I'd be happy to have a fellow ticcer as a spouse, but anybody else i'd definitely need to know how they'd react to the tics beforehand - just thought of the idea of as soon as the relationship starts to get serious I'd overload on sugar etc for a day and check they could cope! (and I'd try and get a requirement of veganism or at least vegetarianism, definitely)

Back on risperidone? Why did you switch from it before?


Good idea about him needing to be at least a veggie, meat eaters are a bit of a pain! The reason I'm back on the risperidone is that my psych rather than my TS specialist prescribed it. I had been very down lately and he wanted me to be evened out, when I stopped taking risperidone before although it wasn't doing much for the tics, it was helping to even out my mad moods. Also since then my attitude toward my tics has changed, as long as it doesn't cause me any physical pain a tic doesn't cause me to much bother and stuff anyone who is bothered by them, but for those tics that do cause me pain, I now know that by the power of HRT I can try to minimise the damage that a painfull tic might make.