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Looking for advice please

My daughter is 9 and has had small ticks since the age of 5 like clearing her throat, jumping every so many steps, twirling every so manysteps, crossing her fingers and blinking .

At 5 she also had a behaviour issue where she would ask me to kill her or take her to the dr and when I didn't she would start being violent towards me, she has thankfully stopped this.

I do not draw attention to her ticks when they appear but have asked her why she keeps blinking she says it because her body tells her to and she can't stop it.

Am I over analyzing her and worring /over reacting, or should I seek proffesional advice?

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This sounds incredibly similar to what we experienced with our son a few years ago. He's nearly 13 now and demonstrates none of the above. It's worth getting some advice.


I would do what you are doing by not drawing attention to her tics but I would video her or keep a diary and either ask school or your doctor to refer her for peace of mind three years we took before seeking help and I wished I had got help sooner due to the other co-morbites that come with it like ADHD which ruby has too that coupled with puberty has been and still is hell for us as a family not to mention what it has done to ruby x


Hi my son was 4 when diagnosed with tourettes he also has adhd, Ocd, and asd. He had complex tics jumping twirling touching the ground and flapping arms. If you daughter has had tics for 12 months then definitely seek for a diagnosis. The younger the better so she can get the support she needs at school. It sounds like she has ocd too as to tourettes very rarely is on its .


I think it is possible she may have Tourettes however we cannot know for sure until she is tested by a real medical doctor. I suggest booking a doctor's appointment ASAP. She will go through a few tests. The ones I went through were an

MRI scan


Blood Test


Hi motherto3 my grandson is nine & he was diagnosed with TS about a year & a half ago, the actual diagnosis was TS, Autism, ADHD & OCD he also had complex tics both vocal & physical. If you think it's a possibility she has Tourettes (I'm not a specialist but it sounds like she could have) I would take her to the GP and tell them exactly what you have said here. It is useful to get the school to list any concerns in the classroom.

The GP will refer you to CAHMS The are very good and although we were initially there for over an hour, he said, he recognised the TS as soon as he walked in the room. He now wears ear defenders at school which have completely changed him at school, he also has a partitioning around his desk to help with distraction & he had autistic toys to fiddle with because he can't sit still. All of these things have really helped him massively at school. So if you think that's what she has, the 1st port of call is your GP

I think tics have to be present for a year before its diagnosed as TS but don't quote me on that,

Hope this helps

Peace, luv n light

Jan x

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I feel your pain for your child. I have a son with Tourette's also. I am found a supplement that was worked wonders for my child and others. If your interested let me know.


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