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Things That Make You Go GGGGRRRRRRR!!! (Part 1)

Things That Make You Go GGGGRRRRRRR!!! (Part 1)

There are quite a lot of things that make me go “GGRRRRRRRR” at the moment. Firstly, I feel so tired, I could just crawl into a corner and sleeeeepp for a long time, this I guess is one of the side-effects of the new med that have been added to my collection, Flupentixol, and I’d love to hear Rowan Atkinson say “Flupentixol”. I felt so drained yesterday that I stayed at home rather than go and do my voluntary work, doing the washing up was tiring and left me wanting a nap. I still haven’t heard from my CPN, maybe I should call him and discuss this sleepy problem, but really this relationship should be the other way round, he should be calling me to make sure I’m ok and still alive particularly as there’s a lot of pills, a motorway bridge and a person whose moods change like the current weather. But I’m ok today, honest. Other people seem to discuss their tics in TS related blogs, but although some are painful and others are just gross I’ve just learnt to live with them and if they’re too much try and eradicate them using the power of Habit Reversal Training. There’s always co-codamol to help banish the pain and a nice massage every now and then, I have just one left, I’ll have to be dragged out of that room screaming unless I can find a free/cheep masseuse who understands the complexities of TS and the damage that is probably been caused by the neck cracking tic I haven’t been able to kill by the power of HRT, even better if the masseuse is male and easy going on the eye also.

Being the…..person I am (I’m finding so hard to find the right words lately) altruistic is the word I mean. Being the altruistic person that I am there are bigger issues afoot than me, my tics and my mushy brain, take for example Ian Duncan Smith (or IBS) and the other vulture Chris Grayling, IBS has been at it again, talking what can only be described as a load of…..have a read and make up your own mind, I told you he wasn’t a very nice man, nor is Chris Grayling. I’ve been sitting on his letter for a while, not literally, it’s just I do seem to accumulate quite a lot of stuff, so I thought I’d share it with you. I can only post one photo and if you download the picture you can see the text and see why I was a tad peeved off when I read it., more pages to follow, after all today marks the start of “Tourette’s syndrome awareness Month” in the USA, so I will be blogging everyday for a month starting from today. So today I give you page one and my thoughts on all that is wrong with it. Bear in mind also that this letter came to me via my MP Major Dan Byles after a meeting I had with him at my local community centre.

The letter starts of “Dear Dan” I wouldn’t write to my MP starting like that, just because he’s younger, has more hair and is better looking than doesn’t mean you just kick off with “Dear Dan” I think at the very least it should be “Dear Mr. Byles” or even “Dear Major Byles”. It’s 4 pages long, the first page doesn’t really say much apart from Grayling’s claim that Atos don’t have incentives or receive bonuses with regards to numbers that qualify (or don’t). Mmmm??? Do we believe him? Letters and emails are a frustrating way of communicating with politicians; I’d rather deal with them face-to-face and initiate a through discussion. I would have like to show you a relevant clip from “The Thick of It” where minister Hugh Abbot meets a woman at a factory who wants to discuss her mother’s care, but too many naughty words, but you can imagine how one might want to give a minister a piece of their mind.

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