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Egads, I can think again!

Well that was a stupid thing to do... I should have remembered how terrible I felt on aripiprazol last time but noooo, I have to try it again don't I?

Well anyway I have been taken off the mind melting stuff because, as my psychiatrist put it, it was 'interacting' with my fluoxetine and making it not work, hence my depression, OCD and basically everything the fluoxetene was supposed to treat, all came back. It could take up to two weeks before I am back to full fluoxetene effect but I feel better already!

A strange thing happened this week... Well a few things have happened but this one is quite funny. I put my MP3 player through the washing machine (by accident) a while back and it stopped working. I kept it with little hope of it ever working again but I didn't want to throw it out as it was a good little MP3 player. The other day I was telling a carer about my MP3 player's fate and I was tossing it up and down in my hand as I told him. Well it was already broken wasn't it! I dropped it on the floor and said very sarcastically 'That'll do it the world of good!'. When I picked it up...

... it was on...


The other thing that has happened is that I have a moving date. I am moving on the 18th may (so just over two weeks away) to my new flat in Bedford. I haven't moved up the ranks far enough to be trusted with my own kitchen yet, that will come with time, but I have the biggest room in the house and 5 hours care a day. Mum is giving me my brother's old cabin bed because then I have more space to flop around in! Obviously I am excited but kind of sad as well (I only recently discovered it was possible to feel two emotions at the same time) because this will be the first time I am moving from a place I actually like. My Mum's house I couldn't wait to leave, Loughborough was hell on earth (not the town, just the place I was staying), then I was back at Mum's, Then I ended up in the psych ward, then I came here. I am not THAT unhappy here as I was in the last few places I just get so bored because it is in the middle of nowhere with only one bus. Anyhoo, that's the news for today I am off to have some lunch because my appetite has returned since I came off the aripiprazole.

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That's good news xxx good luck for the move x I'm glad you've got the abilify problem sorted now. Hopefully see you sometime soon.


Yes I hope so :) I won't be able to come to the next meeting but I can save up my money for the one after hopefully.


I made exactly the same silly mistake with Risperdal...made me feel like I was dying inside but still let them push it on me twice more after that! >_<


Same! I did that with Risperdal too! I am going to do what I was taught at school now and 'JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS'... well except the ones that do me good...


I had an appointment with one of the local mental health team the other day, who yet again offered it to me (after several phone conversations with me and my GP saying no) and to get my point across I politely informed him that if he gave them to me they would probably become a suppository for him. Politely of course! He seemed to see the amusement (and laughed) but then said something like "Aha, so that's a no then." :)


If you have the offer of the support of your local mentl health team GRAP IT WITH BOTH HANDS - those guys are like gold dust, in Warwickshire you have to be dead to get any help. Or at least close.


In Milton Keynes, you have to be homeless before they give you a service as I found out :'(


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