Oh dear... my impulses went a bit wild again (even though the aripiprazol was meant to STOP that a bit!) and I bought a hamster cage. Now I want a hamster. I find out tomorrow whether I'm allowed and in the meantime I am sat here ticcing away with anxiety! There's one at the place where I work, a winter white, and he's really cute! Someone said he'll probably be there until the day he dies because he's a year old and I got so sad! I know he won't be around for long, but oh well, I'll have done my bit for the charity (although some might say that working for them once a week is enough!).

I'm officially OFF hte aripiprazole. I hated it so much and my psychiatarist told me to stop taking it. it does mean that all my tics have returned (some with a vengance) but I don't know, I feel like myself again. I didnt like the hazy, doped up feeling I got on the drugs. I like my mind when it is racing, I like my crazy thoughts! Not all of it's good though because obviously it means that I'm worried about going out again, but I'm going to get an identicit (see the Tourettes action website for more details ;) ) which will hopefully clear up any problems.

So, lets allow my TS to have the final say in this post...

I'm a doggy f**k c**t donk wee...

That is all.

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  • That's how I felt when I was on a higher dose of Risperidone, just not me, no quick thinking!

  • I was just so slow! I couldn't think straight and I even started to drool uncontrollably! Ugh! I'm glad to be rid of it, even though my tics are annoying me again...

  • Not allowed a hamster :(

  • Oh Lenci, I was going to tell you off for almost making me cry when you told me the sad story about the Hamster but now you can't have him I'm now even sadder

    I saw my GP yesterday btw, I got a scrip for 2mg of Risperidone which I'm still deciding whether to cash it in or not

    Wow! Imagine being slow. Must be a weird feeling to know how the other half lives eh

  • I did wonder at times if being on Risperidone is what it's like to be a statue, but then I thought do statues have problems crossing the road? I felt sooo slow I could hardly cross the road on my own let alone have another go at my CBT (motorbike trainning) just ask Garry, he saw me Risperidoned, he had to help me to find my way back to Euston station, lol.

  • Tramadol ( heavy going painkiller) calmed down my tics and emptied my head, then I did wonder if that is what it's like being a statue, but statues can walk in a straight line.

  • Don't worry about the hamster. My Mum put it another way. 'you look after him every week and he's in a good place at the moment, so in a way you do have him!' Not 100% but good enough I suppose...

  • Mum's always know best Lenci!

    Ask her if I should take Risperidone will you

    I'm scared!!!!

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