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Hello all! First post on ths site...only discovered it today!

I have been waiting a while for a re-referral appointment at the clinic in Birmingham (which is finally on the horizon this month!) and have had some very bad months recently resulting in a lot of time off work.

In the typical fashion of the local mental health team, they decided to finally answer my request to them also by giving me an appointment this month (already attended) where they offered me Sertraline (I's an SSRI).

At the appointment they also mentioned Clonidine.

What I would like to know is, would it be worth taking them on on the Sertraline before I go to this appointment with the specialist in Birmingham later this month, or worth waiting until I've seen them and what they have to offer?

Also does anyone have positive experiences with either of these two drugs?


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Erm....I haven't but I know man who has...... I'm a patient at the Barberry. I can't obviously give names as that's not the done thing but hopefully he'll come along and help you out.


Hi Alex

Take a look here from some useful info on the different types of meds:

Hope this helps

Best wishes



My son has been on Clonidine since he was diagnosed aged 7. He's 11 now and has never suffered any negative side effects, in fact they helped him to sleep a little better when he first got them!


There's two ticcers in the Birmingham area who like any excuse to meet up with other ticcers for a natter, if you fancy meeting up with us let us know when you're coming.


May well be up for meeting for a bit after my appointment - depends on how things are going though! Appt isn't til 7pm and apparently staying in a hotel overnight as my mum is helping me get there and doesn't want to drive back that late :P


What date is it? In in Bham most Mondays.


Hi, Like Debz-G, my son was put straight on clonidine when he was diagnosed, and it worked well, helped his tics and his ADHD. However over time it became less effective (whether that was because his symptons were getting worse, or because he was getting used to the clonidine, we were never sure) so his dosage became stronger, and he then went onto methalyphenidate but whilst he was on clonidine, we were very happy with it. He went on Sertraline for a while as he was suffering from depression, but he was not on them both at the same time.


I've been on both meds. The sertralie made my tics much worse and had to be hospitilised due that. I'm on the highest dose of clonidie seems to be working, but then I'm only 3 lots of mediction for my tourettes so it could be the combination of all three working together.


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