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Living in the Past!?

All day yesterday I couldn't understand how, even though the clocks went back at midnight on Saturday (I know this because people have been reminding me for weeks because they know what I'm like about this type of thing (always miss it) and always getting dates mixed up - someone even gave me a leaflet about it) my TV and mobile clocks automatically change but the clock in my kitchen also went back an hour and it's just an ordinary clock with no such function

I spent the day (good job I was extremely busy all day filming) ruminating at the malevolent dark forces that lay behind this trickery and my mind was just a temptation to become a ball of confusion

However, the penny dropped today. Yes my little bloggie children, it doesn't go back until NEXT Saturday - bet you I still miss it though

Where would I be without the wonderous ADHD - that's my excuse anyway

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Two song titles and a band name for you in that Catherine


That's Jethro Tull of course, my last three were 2 songs and an album googling them!


Yes but you missed Ball of Confusion by The Temptations


haha! By the way they actually go "Forward" an hour on saturday. Don't be putting them back or you will be in a pickle all over again by being 2 hours behind everyone else! Spring Forward, Fall Back. That is how to remember.


Y'see what I mean Can't even get that bloody thing right

Been told that little Spring/fall thing lots of times but can't even remember that

For many, many years I could never remember if my bro lived at 85, 87 or 89

When he eventually asked why do I regularly send post to his neighbours I told him my predicament and he said well next time just pick the middle one.

I've never forgotten that one ever since



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