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I HATE ARIPIPRAZOLE!!!! okay I will let my shift key rest now...

The numb feeling and boredom had nothing to do with the cold after all. Now, to top it all off, my OCD, depression and agoraphobia (which I had under control until now...) have returned with a vengeance. I spend most of my day asleep and all night asleep. I can't focus for more than 20 seconds before I have to get up and pace around (not like with my ADHD because I don't feel frustrated with that) and I don't enjoy anything. I am certain the aripiprazole has turned off the effects of my fluoxetine :(

I am seeing my psychiatrist next week on an emergency appointment because this is not working and I need to come off it fast. I tried and that is what matters. It just doesn't work for me... or about half of my friends...

In other news, Ralph is a rabbit. See I told you I have got no enthusiasm at the moment...

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Oh babe! :( only just read the email. massive hugs to you! Really hope you can make it to our meeting cus the hugs will be loads if u want :D really feelin for u! Ive got my first psych assesment in june, hope you'll be able to cope, we are here if you need us xxx


I'm not sure still whether I can come to the next meeting because I have no idea where I will be living! I'll have definitely moved by the next one though so I will ask if I can go then. The company I am with now only has about 3 drivers at the moment so we're struggling and the trains are a nightmare!


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