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Natural approaches to treating Graves/Hyperthyroidism?

Hi I have just recently been diagnosed with graves following a nasty chest infection that they think triggered the autoimmune reaction! I personally believe its been waiting to happen for years, and high stress the last 3 years has caused it but my GP isn't agreeing!

My TSH >0.02 and T4 48. I have shortness of breath, heart rate between 100-130 normally and >160 if stressed, weight loss (wedding in 7 weeks and I was already a size 6-8 so getting very worried!), muscle wasting in shoulders, hips and bum and super stiff everywhere!

I am a natural health professional and hate taking any form of medication so am currently trying the propanol to help the heart rate, but really don't want to take the carbimazole. Any advice on other natural solutions would be greatly appreciated. As I said I get married in 7 weeks so need a quick turnaround, I can cope with most of the symptoms but cant afford to lose any more weight and don't want to feel like crap on our big day :(

Im currently trying GABBA on recommendation of a colleague, and she's also recommended Bugleweed and lithium balance (not the psychotic drug, this is a trace mineral), but any other advice greatly appreciated. I've ordered a load of books off amazon on healing autoimmune through diet, but its going to take me a few weeks to read them so any quick tips gratefully received.

Thanks :)