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Do these results suggest a T3 trial would be appropriate?




FREE THYROXINE 24.6 pmol/l

FREE T3 4.5 pmol/L

I have sent them a message asking for the ranges. I know I did not pay the top-notch price but I would have thought the ranges would be included, I am quite disappointed.

Now, as you can see, my TSH is suppressed now, and I think my T4 is quite high, isn't it? But I'm not sure about the T3. Do these levels suggest that I am not converting the T4? If so, I am wondering if these results suggest that a trial with T3 would be appropriate? I'd really be interested in some feedback.

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Hi Marram

I wanted to try & reply to your unanswered question as best I can, although I don't know much. It's tricky without ranges too.

I know you've had a TT for Graves, I had a PT for a weird nodule. I also still have hyper symptoms although I'm still cold & tired, 2 stone weight gain after my PT etc. but those heart 'palps' etc are really scary (even tho' I'm not even on T4 meds) I have some Cytomel (courtesy of a fed-up hubby) it's still sitting in the cupboard- daren't take 'em in case things get worse - even NutriT made me feel worse.(God knows I'm crazy enough!) It's a dilemma - I could say that some folks do well on T3 esp after a TT (they do!) but I don't actually know that.

All I can say is get your other vits/minerals sorted too, & to get your GP on board to monitor. Cop out I know, sorry. However I sincerely wish you all the best in what you decide for your better health. Jane :D x

I see you've posted here after with replies.


Hi If Blue Horizon, I know the ranges and yes you need T3 and probably a bit less T4. They always come with ranges, some one has made a mistake. E mail Paul Harris MD. I have used them for years as do all the private hospitals( TDL the Lab). it is a mistake, I noticed some one else has started sending them out, You could phone Paul Harris, but he replies quickly by E mail, He is definitely still MD there.If mine come today, as they will and are like that I will phone him myself, used them for years.

Best wishes,



Thank you Jackie for covering all bases! I should have just posted the question and left the blog to later, probably! I am glad that you think the same as me. I hope to get the ranges today and that will make it even clearer.

I was thinking to reduce the T4 from 125 to 75 and replace with 12.5 of Cytomel (I could only get them in 25s). If I did that, (not a final decision) when would it be best to take the cytomel?


Hi Not used it but I imagine 4 to 6 weeks, for the levels, TSH, T4 and Free T3.However first I would start it on 100 of T4, then reduce further if needed. I have just e mailed Paul and explained what is happening He is.very efficient.



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