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Graves' Disease in pregnancy

Hi Guys

I'm having a difficult time trying to get information on Graves' Disease in pregnancy. All the information doesn't go into detail but the more I'm reading the more worried I'm getting. I was advised approx 3 weeks ago that I have GD at 24 weeks gestation which apparantly is very rare as no previous history therefore has developed in pregnancy. My T3 has reduced from 9.3 to 7.5. TRAB 3.9. I've been commenced on Carbimazole 20mg and symptoms appear to have improved however I am very concerned with regards to baby.


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I know very little of the issues. The links below might be very heavy going, but they are potentially of interest:



Thankyou so much for those links're right, heavy reading ...but looks like I've got alot to be getting on with :) xxxx



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