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Hinchinbrooke or Addenbrookes

Seeing endo almost one year at Hinchinbrooke. Taken off levythyroxine and had several tests. Cortisol, pituitary scan all negative. Endo very laid back and keeps wanting to monitor things. Wanted to put me back on levythyroxine I refused felt as bad on medication. I decided taking too long to sort out will change endos and go to Addenbrookes. Teaching hospital, see higher volume of patients be more experienced. See Endo end of month. Really annoyed received requests for bloods and not testing for T3 only doing TSH and T4. My TSH high T4 just out of range but my T3 is way off. Beginning to think should I have stayed where I was. Does anyone have experience of either of these hospitals? Thanks

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Have you looked in the Hospitals section? Someone may have rated the endo dept. :-)




Thanks I just have and appalled about what I have read re Addenbrookes. I have an appointment with Addenbrookes next week and I was pinning so much on this appointment. I have phoned Addenbrookes and asked for the name of the consultant I will be seeing. They could not give me this. I told them I want to see someone experienced and I definitely do not want to be seen by a junior in a broom cupboard which iwas a comment someone left on this forum. I was informed that its a very busy clinic to which I replied no excuse for substandard care this is the kind of treatment expected in a third world country. Probably barred from hospital now! They don't treat their private patients like this.


Yes, I used to attend the Endo clinic at Addenbrookes. My appointments were with the Prof who's speciality is both Thyroid and Adrenals - can't name here so giving the most obvious clue I can ;)

This guy did actually dx me with Hypothyroidism and went on to prescribe a T4/T3 combo so depending on lots of things and to a point he can be okayish. Are you hoping to be treated with an NDT? If so then Addenbrookes will disappoint as none of the Endo's will prescribe it.

This Endo is a very active member of the BTA and very much tows the party line. If you want to know anything else maybe a PM might be better.


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I've been being seen at Addenbrookes, not terribly impressed with their knowledge - they don't seem as up to date as I hoped and they do seem to be very standard on wanting to treat with T4. They allowed me to try T4+T3 as I was not responding to T4 alone anymore but they were quite resistant, preferred to try me on more T4 which I refused as my GP had tried that already. In the end they put me on a very low dose of T3 and despite improvement won't let me increase T3 as suppressed TSH is too worrying for them even with no hyper symptoms manifesting. Addenbrookes could still be an improvement for you - I know they certainly test for fT3 - so maybe they'll be of help considering your high TSH but I wouldn't expect too much if your situation is less usual. Best of luck


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