Hypo but feeling Hyper???

I am post-thyroidectomy (Hashi's) hypo, under medicated in my opinion. However, last night and today I feel extremely hyper. My pulse usually rests at about 70-75 (about 60-70 upon waking) but upon waking this morning was 80. I'm having palpitations too. I can't think of any reason why. I don't tolerate alcohol at all but had a large rose wine spritzer last night (lemonade). Could this one glass be the reason?

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  • Hi Nicola,

    I have just answered a long question above, starts heart..Please read this first Not the drink.A.F onset is often brought on by thyroid disease..Normally, because a little thyroid left behind, this is treated as pre OP.is Make sure you have A fresh TSH, T4 and Free T3 test. As I am sure you know some Hypo symptoms can be identical to Hyper. Incidentally I too have Hashimoto with complications.If it is AF be sure to be under a good cardio ( not many about) and a good endo. Do not rely on GP`s choice, they tend to just use locals ones, not large specialised hospitals.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie. My t4 was lowered last year from 125 to 75 because of 'missed heartbeats' which was put down to t4 toxicity. I was referred to the cardio team at the local hospital where I had a scan and a 24 hour trace, both of which were normal so I'm putting it down to the thyroid disease. However, along with the wine, I had a carb blowout (lasagne, bread, bread pudding!) at the mother-in-laws! A couple of people on the STTM FB page have said they have similar symptoms after eating like this?

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