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So the theory is I have postpartum thydroitis. They have taken my bloods to check for certain antibodies that's the body produces when this happens. The usual course is hyper, then hypo the back to normal (hopefully). I didn't think I had the hyper phase but now when I think of it I kept waking up in the night about a month after the baby was born dripping with sweat. Are night sweats a sign of hyperthyroidism? I use get palpitations as well x

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I have Graves and had both night sweats and palpitations



Yes I have Graves but it was diagnosed after a birth so they needed to check it wasn't postpartum.

Yes the night sweats and palpitations are classic symtoms.

Hope it passes.


The hyper phase has been and gone now I'm left severely hypo! Tsh was 100 and t4 was 4.4 when finally diagnosed. I'm praying that everything settles eventually. I'm having a bit of hair loss now. It's very depressing x


I had night sweats after both of my children were born and I wasn't hyper. I think this can be part of the way that the body gets rid off extra fluid related to pregnancy. This doesn't mean that this wasn't your hype phase though - just my recollection of what happened to me. Xx


Hi I had preeclampsia during two pregnancies and was put on beta blockers after for a short while to calm my BP down.

I thought the sweats came from them until I stopped the meds and the sweats did not improve.

With my first baby I did not get these problems because I did not have a thyroid problem a that stage.


I don't think I had a thyroid problem after my first pregnancy but do wonder if I did after the second one as I had some symptoms such a anxiety, insomnia and achey wrists and ankles. I wasn't diagnosed with a thyroid problem until 7 years later...


I had my first at 34 and then my second at 38. In between I became ill, left work and had at least 3 miscarriages. I had my third child at 40 and then was diagnosed at 41 with Graves. In hindsight, I was so sick and unwell with my second pregnancy and had various viruses before that plus including being rushed to hospital with heart pains at 35, it seems so obvious now. Plus preclampsia with all three which is unusual without the Graves thing but typical with.


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