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Aching legs?


A bit if a strange question. The back of my legs are aching quite a bit. It doesn't happen all the time and originally I put it down to running. It's almost like a throbbing ache that runs the length of the back of either leg. Some times just one leg. Any advice? I was wondering whether it was related to my underactive thyroid? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks

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Maybe you need an increase in meds or a different levo. Sometimes a filler/binder may cause problems.


Thank you Shaws. What do you mean by a filler/binder?


Hi Make sure you have a vit D test and corrected calcium, it may be either but both need checking any way.Of course, also as Shaws says.

Best wishes,



I get this mostly in my left thigh. It can be incredibly painful at times. I had it before I was diagnosed with HypoT and then was put on T4 only and it still was there. Then I went onto NDT and at 2 grains it disappeared, but it has reappeared some 6 weeks later. I sit a lot at my desk so put it down to that. I have been supplementing VIt D and that is good now. Never checked calcium though. I may need an increase in NDT but have been very good on 2 grains and am reluctant to rock the boat as everything else is fine.


Hi Baxter,

I've had this problem for the last seven years. My calves are rock hard, the mucles are hard to stretch, walking on a slight incline brings on a pain rather like stitch,

but in your legs. They often hurt so much I feel sick. I think it's mucin around the muscles. I've been hypo for a very long time before I got diagnosed. I have noticed the hardness in my muscles slaken off slightly, but a long way to go. I'm hoping they will improve more on NDT.

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I know this is an old post, but did your leg swelling go completely on NDT and how long did it take, I've been on it 6 months and I have noticed they are a bit slacker too


Apologies, what is NDT?


Baxter, NDT is natural desiccated thyroid usually made from pig thyroid. It contains both T4 and T3 which is desirable. Muscles are certainly affected by hypothyroidism and your achilles tendon runs up the back of your leg. I sometimes use a liquid magnesium chloride on my legs. Magnesium is a good supplement for muscles.


Thanks all x


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