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A Journey to Some Answers to Thyroid Treatment

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2000, the current high-carb diet was a disaster. By 2012 I needed injections and went onto a newer non-insulin one, this made me so ill I had to stop and it was going to be another type but I just could not face it. My husband hit the internet and came across a natural answer, a live raw food lifestyle. (If anyone would like info I can send links etc.)

My life was transformed, sugar readings from 20's to single figures, side effects (and meds) disappearing, BP normal and coming off meds, (already halved), cholesterol normal, weight 4 kilos down so far, 2 dress sizes. I am disabled but mobility and strength is hugely improved. So all brilliant, I will never go back, my health is in my own hands.

But I had been on Levthyroxine for years and since Christmas became ill starting many of those symptoms indicative of thyroid mis-treatment. Back to the internet and found that some leafy greens can cause problems if you eat a great deal, I guess this could be an answer. So I am on the way to finding a better treatment path with a wonderful nutritionist, candidiasis treatment, adrenal support, natural dessicated thyroid. The next challenge is to find a balance between the 'greens' and the right levels of thyroid treatment.

I am definitely beginning to improve and am so, so grateful every day. The level of support is phenomenal, my husband does the research (no brain fog, bless him) and follows the lifestyle with me. My doctor has taken me through the changes with every encouragement. ( Got to get him clued up on the thyroid now!) The nutritionist (also a doctor) is amazing.

All I have had to supply is the determination, so using sites like this is just so powerful. We need to use them to the full and be there for each other. We are finding so many others who need to hear the word and it is wonderful to offer the possibility of hope.

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Thats really inspiring news which will be well received. I have followed an insulin resistant diet but out of interest I would like to know what your own diet now consists of. Perhaps you would like to blog here or mail me privately.

You have been fortunate in having two supportive Doctors and a very caring husband, I am delighted your health has improved and you are feeling so much better after many trials and tribulations, well done all round.

Best wishes



Hi Knyghtlady, glad to hear you're doing so well! Maybe you could do another blog with more details about the raw food lifestyle. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested. For myself, developing diabetes would be one of my worst nightmares so it would be good to have a few tips for avoiding it.

As for the leafy greens, I imagine you're talking about goitrogens. Bad news, I'm afraid, it isn't just leafy greens! It's also some fruit and nuts, etc. I did put a complete (as complete as these things ever are) list on here some time back, and explained a bit about them. You could maybe find it with a search.

Hope you continue to improve.

Hugs, Grey


That is great news!

My friends mother-in-law is also following a raw foods lifestyle and has been for two years. She started this after finding out she had grade 4 advanced brain cancer and had 6-8 weeks. Two years later and she is still here and living her life, although not as full as before. They don't know how much longer she will be able to continue but she has amazed the doctors. She isn't cured by any means but the cancer progression has slowed immensely. It certainly does seem to do wonders for some people.

I hope you continue to get better and I am really pleased you found the solution :)

Carolyn x


This is very good news. I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic about 6 weeks ago and my blood sugars are consistently high I too would like more information on your raw diet to see if it would be something I could do.

Polly x


I will be glad to, not around much today but I won't forget.



Hiya Everyone,

I was diagnosed type 2 Diabetic 4 and half years ago and I was totally shocked because I'd always been careful with my diet. My dad was type 1 and I always tried my best to eat a good diet. I was diagnosed with a gall stone 19 years ago and to stave off surgery I followed a low fat diet. Needless to say the diabetes diagnosis was a surprise considering my diet.

Anyway, after 4 years of arguing with my GP and trying the DESMOND diet my bloods did not improve. I switched to a low GI/carb diet and my bloods started to come down from being in double figures to 10.5 in 6 months. I then decided to go on Metformin to bring my bloods down further in the hope that I would eventually come off the meds when I got to my goal of being between 5 or 6. Less than six months later my bloods were 7.5 but I wasn't well on the Metformin. I was getting a serious pain in left side which, I thought was linked to my lung. I had pleurisy 4 years ago and the pain was similar. I insisted things weren't right but was told it's diabetic nerve pain, you've pulled a muscle. To cut a long story short I insisted that it was investigated. I had an x-ray, came back all clear. I then had an ultrasound scan, that was all clear, but, the doctor doing the scan complained that I was wasting his time, he'd check my x-ray and there was nothing wrong with my ribs. I explained it wasn't my ribs and that I was concerned it was my lung and that I could feel a lump. He requested a CT scan which showed up calcified nodules on my right Thyroid. Further tests and a right side thyroidectomy have found vf papillary cancer. This has been growing inside me for at least 4 years, according to my endo, and was probably the cause of my diabetes. I kept saying I could not be diabetic there could be another reason for raised blood sugars when all other functions tests are normal and in my GP's own words "your test results are better than someone who does not have diabetes, they're excellent". Hence, my reply was "I cannot be a diabetic then".

After all this I am still having a battle. I am now battling with the oncology department because even though the cancer has been removed I feel worse than ever. I am 6 weeks post-op and I should feel able to return to work but I have no energy, I feel constantly tired even after a good nights sleep, I have pins and needles in my hands and feet, my body goes into shakes, I have palpatations and I awake with blinding headaches every morning that render me unable to get out of bed. I voiced my concerns with the registrar at the oncology clinic who fobbed me off with blood tests and said come back in 2 months. At the time I was so ill I didn't argue but I gave it some thought and emailed the endocrine nurses and they've organised for me to see the oncologist and my endo surgeon next Tuesday.

My advise to anyone is keep fighting. Educate yourself on your condition and don't take things lying down, metaphorically speaking. If I hadn't insisted this cancer probably would have killed me in my sleep because I kept waking up in the night choking and being unable to breath. I was having the pins and needles and headaches at the same time and was told they were diabetic hypos.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my rant and good luck and best wishes to anyone in a similar situation to me.


Just sending loads of empathy and deeply endorsing the word on keeping fighting on.

During years of fighting due to various conditions I have been sneered at and actually bellowed at and thrown out of a doctor's office. Candidiasis anybody? I had a crippling case, totally unable to function, just lying in a silent darkened room until I found the end of the piece of string. With a turn of the wheel I was recently told we ALL have it, no suggestion that we follow one of the 4 methods to treat it but it wasn't my actual GP and I learned what to do years ago anyway. A resurgence is contributing to my thyroid problems and I will do it myself if necessary with my nutritionists help.

The battles we fought and the contempt with which we were labelled on this and ME - mercifully not a problem I had - are tragically not completely won although there are now tests and there is help available.

So here we go again, the next battle. My GP is enlightened but not sure where we will go on this yet. I want to do it all with his support and he knows I am seeing a nutritionist, but will I work with him I have to. Apart from this I am better than I have been for years, but this has brought me down and I don't intend to stay there.

Incidentally the mostly raw food diet I have changed to has eliminated most side effects and the pins and needles I now have are quite different, not in my feet. Pain in my fingers and hands, and a 'broken glass' soreness I have only had this year.

We know our own bodies, cannot escape them however bad we feel, and no one should be allowed to take the easy, budget- nursing route to tell us any different, waving their training in our faces. Remember you are lucky if your doctor has had any more than about 24 hours training on nutrition and it can underlie our conditions as candida can, or it can be one of the keys to helping it. My reversal of Type II diabetes is solely based on a fresh approach to food.

Much fellow feeling, I hope you get some real help.


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