Is taking thyroid medicine at night a good idea?

I accidentally took my natural compounded thyroid capsule at bedtime and actually slept really well and also felt good in the morning! I am wondering if others have a similar experience. I have been taking thyroid meds for about 10 plus years and have been really tired during the daytime for the last several. Seems like I have accidentally come upon an answer for the hard time sleeping and the fatigue during the daytime.

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  • Have a good read of the comments and discussion on this poll:

    (Doing that will probably send you into a deep sleep... :-) )


  • Thanks Rod,

    I am ready to try it again! I was pretty amazed at how well I slept the time it was a goof! It seems like I have been fighting sleep and yawning the day away till late afternoon and evening then I have been wide awake! I am so ready to have a normal sleep cycle!

  • Yes I did the same thing and take mine at night. I feel much better on it and have all the next day to take any supplements etc. also don't have to worry about leaving gaps for food.

    I heard it from Rod and haven't looked back.


  • Same here. Started doing this a few days into treatment because I couldn't stay awake.

    Now I have a slightly more normal sleep pattern but do sleep all night.

  • Hi, I have been taking levothyroxine at night for 6 weeks and haven't looked back! I'm now sleeping better and find I have slightly more energy than before. So far so good :-)

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