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I would like to thank all TUK staff, admin, all members and and everyone behind the scenes, for without you all and discovering this sight I would not have know what was wrong with me and would have been steered down many long and irrelavent roads, and probably being treated for all sorts of wierd and wonderful diseases and non existent conditions, only to (hopefully) end back here, probably a lot worse and then taking a lot longer to get well, or maybe never.

Thank you also for the for warning therefore, for arming me so I was prepared to know what to ask and expect at Drs appointments, I know I'm very lucky because, with your help I've recognised my symptoms for what they are, and early.

I am just at the begining of this journey but I'm at least on the right road, and travelling together I am hopeful we can help each other to find the way.

I am also impressed that there is always someone on hand to help even over bank hols, and the really good website; obviously very well thought out.

TUK you are truly appreciated XX :-)

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Thanks! ;-)

We do our best! :)




flatfeet1 in reply to flatfeet1

That came out wrong; I meant understatement for doing your best, not the thanks ;-)

I truly echo this comment although it has taken me 20 years to find TUK. (I know it hasn't been around for 20 years). I have now hope that I will feel well again.


flatfeet1 in reply to roslin

I do hope you will.

TUK support is available 24/7 I think of it as a lifeline.

twinks in reply to flatfeet1

Thanks from me too, I find the daily email makes me feel I'm not alone. Which is a big thing with this thyroid struggle x

Totally agree, TUK thankyou one and all, an absolute life saver. X

I do not think I would be here if it was not for this site. It is not only the high quality information, it is the ongoing and considerate support,

Thank you.

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