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Does anyone have any advice?

I have an under-active thryiod for 8yr now, I have been taking 125mg - 150mg in these yrs.

3wks ago told to increase dose again 150mg as my count as risen highly (now @ 10) Ive been trying to fight of the flu for 2wks, breathing problems for over a yr, head aches and now my legs muscles are getting stiffer & painful ,harder to walk.

Doc just says keep taking the tabs, as I also have ME, they think it could b that.

Has anyone else had this problem and does it improve??

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Dr Lowe and Fibro/CFS/ME connection....

Have you eliminated any other deficiencies? (even with low results) irons/ferritin, folate/B12 and Vitamin D (also magnesium and selenium are in the mix). Personally Vitamin D (hormone) helped me with pain which got gradually worse from 'carpal tunnel' to rib cage pain and short breaths - i.e. for muscle/joint pain and resistance to stuff like colds/flu - of course it could be something else, but worth investigating nutrients first. Jane :D


Thank u for your reply, just a month ago had a series of tests all bloods goin, ecg, xrays, given more inhalers & tabs, everything has come back as okay. Just saw doc again 2day, told need to wait 8 more wks b4 another blood test,

But just seen my results for the past yr, my T as been goin up & down, was at 26.7 at 1 point then down to 7, but never got it down to 4 & under yet, in 8yrs. wish there was another treatment other than jugging doses of tabs


Hi Yes you certainly need the other tests, the symptoms you describe are often due to iron.Ferritin and B12 and Foliates. If these are well in range for breathlessness you should always get a cardiac opinion ,as often the first sign of cardiac disease. However, to me ,it does not sound like that.Also most important have a new TSH, T4 and Free T3 test, you may now need some T3 with the Levo or with a little less Levo.

I hope that helps.



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