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Just found out im pregnant

In a bit of a panic because I've tried everything and still feel so ill with constant dizziness, funny vision, panic attacks and balance problems. I've taken Levo, armour and t3 and also cortef I get better for a bit and then worse! I'm under dr s and dr p and getting nowhere.

Do I keep trying especially now or shall I stop I'm on 50mcg Levo and 25 t3 and feel nothing! I've been as high as 150 t3 and don't respond.

I'm worried about self medicating while pregnant but my gp won't help cod I'm on range and I'm getting worse under dr s and dr p

We had not been preventing a pregnancy for 2 years them when I said I was going to prevent one due to feeling do ill I get pregnant!

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Unfortunately, it sometimes takes quite a while to find medication which suits you. I am sorry you are not improving with your Drs. Usually people find it difficult to get pregnant as their fertility can be affected by hypo.

This is an excerpt by Dr Toft.

Patients with hypothyroidism who become pregnant need to have the dose of levothyroxine increased on average by 50µg daily in order to maintain normal serum TSH concentrations.

The advice to patients with established hypothyroidism is that they should increase their dose of levothyroxine by 25µg daily as soon as pregnancy is confirmed and make an appointment for thyroid function tests to be measured some two weeks later. The aim is to achieve a free T4 concentration of 16-20pmol/l.

Further measurement of serum free T4 and TSH should be made six weeks later and again in the middle of the second and third trimesters.

The pre-pregnancy dose of levothyroxine can be restored four weeks after delivery by which time the increased concentrations of thyroxine binding globulin will have returned to normal. It’s not clear whether this meticulous care is necessary and it may well be that any thyroxine therapy in the hypothyroid mother will allow normal foetal development.

Dr Tony Toft is consultant physician and endocrinologist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and a former president of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and of the British Thyroid Association


I was monitored by a consultant throughout my pregnancy due to being Hypo. Basically like above I had regular blood tests (although never actually needed to increase my dose).


I'm worried cos the nhs won't treat me and I'm getting nowhere with dr p or s. I have got a lot worse in the year I was seeing them


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