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What do you guys think of these results are they okay?

1st set of thyroid bloods from GP

TSH 9.6 (RANGE 0.2-4.5)

Free T4 9 (RANGE 9-21)

Repeat set of bloods from GP a year later

TSH 1.5 (RANGE 0.2-4.5)

FREE T4 12 (RANGE 9-21)

GP seems happy that they are within normal limits but i feel just awful with the usual symptoms. My mum, sister and gran all have thyroid issues. I guess i'm just desperate for answers as to why i feel so awful.

Any input appreciated

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Hi Lunarbella. Taking it you were prescribed levothyroxine in that year, and coming from my own experience so far, and on a personal level, I am not ok unless my TSH is under one (have been on levo for 6 years). I am sure someone with more experience on this will be along soon to give you more advise.

Best wishes.....

Jen x


Hi there, they didn't put me on any medication, they said to re-test in six months time but I was a bit late in doing so. They seem to have gone to within normal limits now but I really feel rotten ;(


Bumping this up if anyone can help



Bumping doesn't work very well on this site as it will not put it back on the homepage, it will only move it up in the 'recent activity' tab.

Can I suggest you copy and paste it into a new question if you don't get any more response today. :)



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