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Did I survive my volunteering??!!

The answer is a resounding YES!!

On three consecutive days I was serving refreshments in a beautiful church, literally in the middle of Salisbury Plain. The first day saw over 700 signatures in the visitors book. The church has limited opening and shares an amazing history with the abandoned village it's in. No heating, no electricity, no water. Multiple fleeces were the order of the day.

Was extremely worried about my remaining brain fog getting me into all sorts of muddles but the other volunteers were really nice and supportive.

I had to interact with people, something that I've avoided, but managed to hold conversations in a reasonably lucid manner hopefully.

Must confess to feeling tired at the end of each day, well I was on my feet for over 6 hours each day.

Really pleased that I survived and hope to help again.

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It is nice to know that you were able to function and interact again. The venue too would have been great and with 700 visitors it must be an amazing church.

I am sure you will be able to volunteer again as to meet/mix with others does stimulate you and it sounds as if you are on the road to recovery.


Thank you shaws for your kind words. This disease seems to make people insular and, to be honest, it seems far safer for me. I feel that I've missed out on so much the last few years and in fact a good friend commented that she would like to see the old me again!!


That's really awesome cinnamon_girl!

Best wishes

E xx


Thank you Edysia!


well done girl, you should feel really really proud of yourself [ and I hope that the others there feel even prouder of you] ====I think after your problems that truly deserves half a dozen brownie points AND a blue peter badge !!!!!!! just keep smiling in the mirror you deserve to LOL


Thanks alan. I do feel that it's an achievement but where can I get that Blue Peter badge??!!


all things come to those who wait .....because everything that goes around --comes around ..........YOU WILL RECIEVE THE BADGE WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT .......I can guarantee that after all of your exploits you felt a damn site better than you had felt for a hell of a long time ------can sometimes be far better than any ' mis-diagnosed medications' that we have all had to put up with ====just remember when the brain fog hits YOU HAVE ACHIEVED AND WILL CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE as and when you can .....keep the faith in yourself [ it's definitely there girl ] alan


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