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hello, i am new to this, but just found out that i have an under active thyroid, have been feeling really unwell for months now, and am relived to have an answere to why at last, my tsh over 35, and my antithyriod peroxidase abs are 534 and should be under 35, really dont know what they mean, my urea is 3.3 is that a bit low, and like someone else on here i always have blood in urnine when i do dipsticks, but had bladder checked and they cant find anything, my folate is low also and crp is under <4, ???? esr is also high, so many things are going on are they conected? my body dosnt feel like it belong to me, and every muscle and joints ache feel as if i am 90 lol,. i was on 25mg but dr now up them to 50mg, just want to feel human again and to stop crying

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  • Your GP should increase your meds about every 4/6 weeks until your TSH is below 1 or below and you feel well. It will take a little while for you to feel better.

    Also make sure your B12, Vit D, Ferritin, folate and iron are towards the upper level.

    When you get your blood tests done, always get a copy for your own file. If you have problems post them here complete with the ranges and someone will comment.

  • thanks for repley, i do have b12 injections every 3 months, so will get tested for that too, to make sure its ok.

  • Your antibodies suggest you have had an attack on your thyroid and they should come down as you take your thyroid product. Selenium is also helpful in reducing antibodies and help your thyroid in general. Your C-reactive protein (CRP) test....lower is better.

  • thank you,, why is it that all my joints and muscles ache? is it all part off it? and my red blood cell were low, does that show its fighting an infection, its just my aunt had thyroid cancer and had to have hers removed, but they will be able to detect that wont they? sorry for all the questions, but nice to have them anwsered,

  • ballard, I can't answer all of them but my experience is that muscles do need something that thyroid provides and if your tissues do not have enough of it, they suffer. Another reason to stablize the right dose. Especially smooth muscle reacts to low thyroid.

    I think low red cells may be due to low iron, remember your metabolism may impact your digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals so try to get those blood tests and supplement if necessary. The B-12 may improve that situation as well. Many people are deficient in vitamin D and personally I would go ahead with a D3 supplement even without the test. It could be the cause of some of your pain.

    Keep reading and try to get any test results so you can keep comparing on your own. Never assume your GP is doing this, they probably have been piled on with work and may not have the same interest in your own health as you do. Show that you want to assist and not expect them to do it all. I hope things improve for you and I know they can.

  • thank you, going back to dr on Friday, see what happens then.

  • Also, I think a high white blood cell count is what determines an infection.

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