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please help with my test results, im very anxious!

Auto immune profile

will be filled as: 43gg.00 autoimmune profile

Anti-nuclear factor-negative

parietal cell autoantibodies-negative

anti smooth muscle antoantibod-negative

antimitochondrial autoantibod-negative

anti liverkidney micro ab lev-negative

Serum calcuim

Serum albumin 46 g/L (35-50)

Serum calcuim 2.50 mmol/L (2.1-2.6)

Serum magnesuim level 0.9 mmol/L 0.7-1.0)

Corrected serum calcuim level 2.50 mmol/L

Brain natriuretic peptide lev 64.3ng/L

Will be filed as 64.3 ng/L

bnp cut of values-

less than 60 years 50 ng/l

60-75 100 nl/l

greater than 75 250 ng/l

provisional ref range for bnp

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 9mm/h (3-9)

I seem to recall seeing the last test online and if it is top of the chart it could be elevated through thyroid disease or autoimmune disease am i right?

Obviously my bnp is more than it should be, i have read that a thyroid disease can elevate this, am i right? x

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Hi Nichola - I notice you didn't have a reply to your question, I'm sorry I don't know about bnp either so had a look at wiki (which I'm told is not always accurate)

Have you a reference to where you saw the elevated bnp and thyoid connection? - that would be very helpful for folks.

I'm very glad to see you have since been to a cardiologist. Take care, Jane :D


I just typed in can elevated bnp results be linked to thyroid as I was anxious x


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