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Having trouble since

I had a full thyroidectamy nearly three years ago and have been on thyroxine ever since. 10 weeks ago I gave birth to my first child. I had a difficult birth and was in hospital for 2 weeks where I don't take my medication correctly so of course went 'under active' after a few weeks of taking my mess correctly I then we t 'over' so started taking less (from 150mg to 125mg) I'm now feeling under again? Anyone else gave this problem after giving birth with a pre existing thyroid condition? Help please

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I cannot answer your question directly but this link may be helpful. Cursor down to the third question and I think the others may give you some info too:-


Hi I cannot answer your question completely but a few things spring to mind. Thyroid disease can get worse with time and also after surgery .child birth etc. I would make sure i have had a Free T3 tet and t4 along with the TSH. You may have stopped converting the T4 in the body totally into Free T3, a blood test + ranges wiil show that, in that case a script for T3 and the Levo ( T4) may help. Secondly, be sure you have had all the related tests, especially the hormonal ones and autoimmune. Especially B12 and Folic acid. glucose ( similar symptoms to thyroid disease) , Iron/Ferritin and vit D ( hormonal) .if Vit D low then a calcium test before treatment, Calcium must always be in range.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

best wishes,


Not sure if you know but to reply to someone`s post click on "reply to this" underneath it, or we will not know.


Thanks, I have an appointment this week with gp so will ask for those. Was thinking of also asking for a referral with the specialist. I forgot to say that I've also developed a gallbladder problem/ gallstones since having my daughter. Could this effect things too? Cheers


Hi Gall bladder etc is best to be a Hepatologist, large hospital , other wise a gastro. It is autoimmune so, if autoimmune Thyroid disease, very common.I would also ask to see an endo, but important to research first to find the best ones, hospital lists CV`s and TUK etc. Louise has a small list,

Best wishes,



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