Could having a negative blood group cause hypo after having a baby with a positive blood group and having the anti D injection?

I was diagnosed Hypo after my second child was born 10 years ago, prescribed levo (at first 150mcg) I am now on 75. I am so tired, have muscle pains, headaches, bowel and kidney function problems, I'm sure I have PCOS, not sure if my anti bodies have been checked since the birth!! I intend to go to the doctors with these symptoms any advice what I should say/ask for? I have had no support at all, just prescribed Levo and always made to feel my symptoms are in my head..... tired of being sick and tired!!!!!!! Thanks guys

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  • Hello,

    Well your question is was happened to me and I don't know if it has any relation to thyroid problems. My main advice (not that i feel well) is find a good gp and keep searching until you do, I had the same as you, being told my levels were fine and there was nothing they could do, but 7 gps later and she listens to me and have found her to be really helpful and she has referred me to an endo, so keep on. knowledge is power also so i've read lots of books. Theres a page i started on facebook if your on there called thyroid friends its been really useful, feel free to join xx

  • Thank you for your reply, I have joined a few groups on Facebook including thyroid friends. Finding a good GP is so hard these days, it seems they are blinkered in thier opinions on Thyroid disease, hopefully things will improve! I'll keep working towards a referal to an Endo

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  • Hiya I'm Sarah Stella Evans on thyroid friends xx

  • Hi Sarah, I'm Ange Netherton on thyroid friends xx

  • Hi You must find the answer, having a young child is hard work. Make sure you have had a Free T3 test, sometimes, GP will do it if you pay about £10, some health authorities do it anyway! be sure to have all your results + ranges ( no use without ranges). I think quite likely that you under medicated. Also check your vit D status. There are a lot further desirable tests done with thyroid disease as, a risk.I also have had PCOS for many years, I am told it is still relevant after many years of being post menopausal.Also make sure your B12+ Folic acid and ferritin are checked. Any type of deficiency likely and exhausting.

    Best wishes, Jackie

    I do not recognise your name but if you want to reply to some one, click on "reply to this" under their post, or we will not know.

  • Thank you Jackie, yes it's hard work with two young boys and turning 40 this year!!! I have a list as long as my arm of questions for my GP, I have learnt so much from this groups and support groups on Facebook and am prepared to fight for a referal to an Endo, it's been 10 years now and think I need to sort this! Thanks again I appreciate your reply

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  • HI Angela, Sometimes you have to be firm with GP`s, it is your health not theirs.Do make sure you choose the endo not the GP.

    Best wishes,


  • I had never thought about this link but I am also negative, had a positive child and anti D injections then become Hypo. You sound very much like me with your symptoms and problems. Unfortunately I have no answers as my TSH is OK and that is all the GP bothers about. They did test my B12 and Folate recently but I don't believe I have had the other things tested. I am hoping Westfield Second Opinion scheme might be able to help when they call me on Weds.

  • Hi You can have the tests ,intermediate , TSH T4 and Free T3 through Blue Horizon, Quote TUK 10 and pay £61, results looked at by their Harley street doctor, anything very bad they let you know. Results to you very quickly with ranges by e mail/


  • It just seemed strange that suddenly after having my baby I became Hypo, they had to give me double the dose but not sure why, they never fully explained, I would be interested to see if my antibodies had been checked since, I'll ask my GP. What is Westfield Second Opinion Scheme?

  • Westfield Health plan have brought in a new thing where if you are diagnosed with something you can have a specialist look at your records and make recommendations to take to your GP - I dont know how good it is but I hope they will be able to see what tests have been done and maybe give me some back up in asking for others (or a referral)

  • That sounds good, how did you go about getting records?

  • They do it I think. I called the number last week and have a call booked for 10am on Wednesday and will take it from there. Not really sure what to expect but I have been paying into Westfield for years and this is free to members so worth a try.

  • Hello,

    I am not aware of Anti-D having any connections with hypothyroidism, if you find any medical evidence I'd be interested of course.

    Anti-D as you may know is a blood product, obtained from 'healthy' thoroughly screened american individuals (from their blood donations).

  • Thank you, It was just a thought and sure it would be impossible to make a connection that a GP would confirm. Thanks again

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