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New to hyperthyroidism

HI all, I am recently diagnosed hyperthyroidism (3 months ago) and I felt awful a few weeks ago and my levels came down too much so now hypo but I am still feeling so ill. Is it normal to be so tired but have insomnia at the same time? Last night I felt like my thigh bones were burning and it was so painful, even now they feel hot but aren't as painful. Has anyone else had that before? Thanks in advance

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Hi Leighma81, sorry to hear that your feeling so bad. I have the same thing with my joints hurting and being tired all the time. It gets me down and I have supposed to have levelled off with my thyroxine and now on 175mcg a day. But what you are getting does seem to be normal, maybe should see your doctor again and explain it to him/her. I have made an appointment to see my GP again as just don't feel right at all. Good luck anyway and hope you start to feel better soon.


Hi Wayne1967, it's nice to know I'm not alone feeling like this but I just don't know how you keep going feeling so bad all the time. Do you know if there are certain foods that I should eat or avoid? Google search seems to contradict itself. Thanks again


By far the greatest problem for me has been insomnia. Like torture when you are so exhausted and need to function the next day.I'm not sure what the cause was ie secondary as I had a demanding job and worried about underperforming or being off sick, or being late or due to Hashimotos. Whatever the reason its horrible. I was very ill 20 years ago and had a borderline thyroid result.

I was single and demoted non essential household tasks and paid a gardener. When it really got too much I would phone in sick. But you need to be careful here and have a supportive doctor. My doc was not involved until I needed to be signed off with stress.

I'm actually covered under the discrimination act for depression lol, Inspite of the fact it may never have been that to start with. I'm not sure what the situation is with hypothyroid, but it could be worse checking out whether or not you are covered by the discrimination act.

Having said that depressionis no less "worthy" it is agenuine illness.

Keep posting. Perhaps we should have a 4 am club

I think that whether secondary or primary you should not sweat the small stuff eg minor chores, If youdoneed time off try to stick to a sleep routine and grab help if you can.


Hi Leighma81, not sure about foods. Is a good idea to ask GP I suppose. I do t eat much but have put on a few stone since starting on thyroxine as underactive so I try to eat often but little. I have also bought vitamin D3 to see if that helps me as was told it should help make me feel better so. Anything is worth a try. Hope you get well soon. If u have Facebook adds me


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