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Hi, Not yet diagnosed - if I need meds/Thyroxine and it does not alleviate symptoms - what about the T3 - how much is usually given. I ask this in preparation as I knwo my GP is not up to speed on thyroid stuff and would not know. What is the 'brand name' of the T3?

I will probably consider natural thyroid meds and wonder if these are ever prescribed on the NHS now?


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Hi Stacey,

You say you're not yet diagnosed... are you awaiting test results or do you already have some test results that are under question?

In the UK, there is no 'brand name' for T3. There is only one generic version of the hormone available which is simply know as LIOTHYRONINE SODIUM. That's what your GP would put on your prescription.

Some people are still fortunate enough to get desiccated thyroid medication prescribed on the NHS. But very many people have been unable to, either because their GP is unwilling to prescribe an 'unlicensed' medication, or because the local PCT refuses to fund it.

If your test results suggest medication is appropriate, T4 is the usual route. I doubt you will find your GP to be interested in any discussion you might initiate on T3.

My feeling is that at this stage you need not be concerned about T3 or desiccated thyroid. You may be one of the many people who actually do just fine on T4 alone. It will undoubtedly make life much simpler all round if that proves to be the case, so give it a chance :-)



I have been experiencing symptoms for many yrs (I have posted earlier on this site). I have had my TSH increase from 1.3 up to 2.7 and following a visit to an Endo (Gynae - GP insisted on pushing me down the age and woman route) so wrong one but very helpful - he has taken bloods to test T3 and pituitory and something else? I am awaiting results - he is also recommending that the GP refers me to the general Endo and I have further investigations as it is definately not connected to menopause and is pointing towards a thyroid condition or possibly CFS (like that, I see a lot of people have been told they have that or indeed it is part of a thyroid condition). So I will see. But will post results as and when for feed back.




get your ferritin iron levels checked out less than 50 requires supplementation. And symptoms of low iron mimic those of low thyroid!


I have been able to purchase T3 from online pharmacies for years.


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