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Don't know how I feel :(


Been to see Dr S today for the first time. Don't know how I feel. I have been trying to convince my doctors I have an under-active thyroid for 20 years to no avail. I have suffered every symptom and have been living a nightmare for at least 12 years.

Dr S diagnosed me almost straight away. Asked what the doctor had said about my goitre and massive tongue. I had to explain she'd never examined them.

I feel numb :(

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Just want to send you a big hug! You must feel very emotional, I can understand that. Hopefully you will get a good sleep tonight and start afresh tomorrow knowing that you are now in good hands. Thank goodness for Dr S!

But it is good to have seen Dr S and have a diagnosis now - hopefully you will start to feel better soon :) hugs from me too (()) xxx

I know how you feel. Similar happened to me and I saw Dr S for the first time in Jan. You will also at some stage feel a certain amount of anger as well both at yourself for putting so much trust in the GP's before (not your fault as we have all done that) and also wishing that you had found Dr S earlier. Now you have an excellent chance of getting well again. Hope you start to feel better soon. xx


No wonder you feel numb. Another person let down by her GP. They just are completely unaware of the clinical symptoms of thyroid gland problems or how to make their patients well.

I am sure that you will get a lot better and wish you well.

Thrilled you've been to see Dr S... You're on your way now - well done! Hugs, Kxx

Your first appointment story is like mine too - the swollen tongue, goitre, all the symptoms so obvious to a competent MD. I felt the same after seeing Dr. S, about a GP I'd known for years and had otherwise liked a lot. Mostly hate all the years feeling awful and misrepresenting myself while trying so hard. The ignorance around this issue wouldn't wrongly be called a conspiracy of silence. But that's ending now, one nightmare at a time. Congrats on breaking through and do have patience while finding the right med and dose.

So sad that doctors are not doctors any more, they are automatons locked into a computer screen. So sorry that you had to wait so long before being listened to. Best wishes for the future.

Once you get sorted life can begin again, try not to waste your precious time mourning the 'lost' years, I know it's a temptation but just enjoy here and now when you can. Lots of hugs and happy tears for you - Marie XXXX


I also went for years and years without diagnosis, thinking it was 'all in my head'.Dr Skinner has also helped me so much. You will get better under his care, but it does take time.Keep strong! I also look back at the 'lost years'. I have learnt to come to terms with that-you will move on. love jan xx

Where is Doctor Skinner please?


and a clinic in Glasgow I think

Thank you for all your lovely comments.This is an amazing community and I really don't know where I'd be without it.

Still struggling to get my head round things, not slept much. Am hoping my doctor will take Dr S's wisdom and try and help me now. I think that is my biggest worry, that they still think I'm a deranged hypochondriac :(

Did you have to go private to see Dr S?.....

Was it very expensive?

I might try to see a specialist when I get back to the UK because I'm not aging much luck in the USA right now.

Good luck and well done.


You will get better. Dr S gave me my life back and my GP eventually had to eat humble pie :-) a satisfying moment lol xx

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